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Surfing as a Metaphor for Life

I often think of life metaphorically in terms of surfing.

It’s all about timing. When an opportunity is on the horizon, you feel it. You’re presented with choices, you use your best judgment and when the time is right, you go for it and it give it all you got. You fight and you push until you’re on top but you still don’t give up. You can’t succumb to forces that inevitably take you under, pummel your spirit and spit you out. You must recognize the positive power and be one with it. You take the risk, land on two feet and your there. You’re riding the wave. Then come the maneuvers and the obstacles and it can be challenging but you know you have the skills and the heart to hold on. Oh the joy. Oh the freedom. The beauty of the feat is that it draws you back for more to improve, to learn, to grow.

You’ve got to catch the wave to enjoy the ride. You’ve got to hold on to come out the other side.

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