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The Craft Fair Expirience

“Believing is doing and doing is getting it done.”

Last week I sold my jewelry at a craft show for the very first time!

It was a valuable experience that awarded me with great practice, some lessons learned and positive feedback. Plus I was thrilled to donate 15% of my sales to the Children’s Miracle Network!

Here, in short, was the series of events that lead up to my big day:

  • I signed up for the Craft Fair (5 weeks away) YAY!
  • I find out the next week that it has been bumped up two weeks – YIKES!
  • Weekend before the fair – Sickness ensues, I’m bed ridden and I give up on being able to get everything together for the fair.
  • Tuesday evening after work I’m feeling better but am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. I call my amazing man and he gives me the most encouraging and motivating pep talk. I get off the phone with a huge smile on my face and dive into planning and prepping.
  • Wednesday –  after work my supply order arrives and I hunker down at my desk with a pot of Chai, a 6 hour playlist of TED talks and get to work until the wee hours of the morning.
  • Thursday – I work ALL NIGHT long beading, assembling, designing, brainstorming for the display and hand stamping the gift boxes. I did take a 4:30am coffee break 🙂
  • Friday – Show time! I thought up and rounded up the items for my display around 6:00am, got another cup of coffee, checked in at work and was set up at the fair by 7:45am

By the time my shop was set up, I had made my rounds greeting the other vendors and sat down at my table, I was beyond tired. I was in such a state of excitement and pride in my accomplishment that I just reveled in the moment.

The day pasted by quickly as I savored each conversation, each interaction with customer or passersby and appreciated how happy it made me to share my art, my craft.

The most pivotal take way from the event is focusing on believing is doing and doing is getting it done. It may sound silly and oversimplified but I needed to believe in myself. Believe that I could get it done no matter what it took. Once I got it in my head and I hit the ground running – there was no stopping me. My Dad taught me at a young age to never give up and I know how hard it would have been to let myself down by throwing in the towel.  I am so thankful for my guy for believing in me and picking my spirits up. He is such an inspiration to me as he runs his own business and always works as long and as hard as he needs to to get his work done without complaint. He’s amazing and I’m a lucky girl.

All of the pieces that were not sold and more will be up on my Etsy shop by the end of the week! 

Some late night/early morning delirious designs


Trying to keep my desk from looking like a bead explosion


Finishing touches


Beaded and Leather ID/Security Badge/Name Tag Lanyards


More leather lanyards and a few necklaces

me desk

Late night


A happy (and exhausted) Crafter!


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