A New Wave

Wow, it’s been awhile ey?

Here I was thinking, start with a bang, keep the momentum and blogging will naturally find a way to squeeze itself  into my life. Whelp. Here’s to a new season and more reasons to rev up the engine again. The blog-block was this precisely: In Oregon you have 9 months of dark, rainy, cold weather. When the sun finally breaks through and summer arrives… the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer screen during your time off from spending 8 hours a day at work sitting in front of a computer screen.  So, here we go again!

I do want to update you with a summer in a flash post later this week, summing up my incredible summer in photos.

For now, I’d like to be present because the presently things are on the up and up.

Here’s a fall mix for ya of what I’ve been up to.

Oregon in the Fall

Zombie flash mob dancing to “Thriller” at the Saturday Market. Oh, Eugene.

We discovered some courts nearby that have lights. Here’s a full moon night where we picked up some rackets and had some great matches.

My guy had a pergola and roof COVERED densely with three varieties of delicious grapes. We made pure grape juice for weeks!

We went to a Covered Bridge Festival in Cottage Grove a couple weekends ago. Cheers to silly interests. Its was primarily an excuse to get out of town, head out on a road trip and explore a new place and enjoy new scenery. I got some great shots of old buildings and barns. Great backdrops for upcoming shoots!

I got bangs! I’ve been rocking the side swoop since 6th grade (10+ years) It was time for a change. What a difference!

I built a platform bed! It was super quick, easy and cheap! I’ll do a post on this DIY soon

My guy and I took a much needed trip to the coast. I ran around and played with my girl, Chi and frolicked in the ocean. It started to rain just as we were leaving. It was a complete soul shine.

October is beautiful, poetic, romantic… but also of confluence of sports. One night we brought out the couches, situated them around the fire pit in the backyard, set up a TV screen on the deck. Invited our friends over and got pizza, wings, whiskey, and s’mores. We watched football under the stars.

And… Here’s Chi, modeling her winter sweater


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