Tuesday Evening Excursion

My smiling pup. Her name is Chimala (Beauty in Mayan) Chi for short (Lifeforce in Chinese culture)

The beginning of an incredible coop from The Chicken Gardener! The Chicken Gardener provides high quality, long lasting, beautiful backyard sustainability products. Specializing in chicken coops and raised garden beds, they also build amazing green houses, compost bins, worm bins and garden benches. Click the photo for more information.

Intelligent design, built thoughtfully by hand.

There it is! Walk-in run, metal roof, window, nest boxes, roost bars, removable cleaning tray and lovely to look at!

Marveling at the magnificent sun soaked forested Oregon landscape with my smiling pup on my right and my best friend on my left listening to bluegrass bouncing from the radio speakers flooding out the sound of the mighty diesel engine. The truck bed is full of fragrant fresh cut cedar and we’re winding down a two lane country highway along the Umpqua River on a Tuesday evening excursion to the coast.

The other night the Boy asked me if I’d like to join him on a trip to make a delivery. Without hesitation I cheered, “YES” with a beaming smile full of excitement.  Whatever shape or form an opportunity presents itself in, it always appears as a tantalizing light that I am drawn to like a moth. The freedom of the road with windblown hair, thoughts rambling and oxygen surging the veins is much need liberation from a day in a windowless office building. I strive to live my life jumping on every chance I get, every opportunity given. It’s that spontaneity, instinct, reaction where adventures are born.


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