The Chop Off

I cut off 16 inches of five years worth of hair on March 11. A full foot and a half of weight off my head.I feel so liberated and humbled.

I donate my hair to Locks of Love every 4 or 5 years. This was my 3rd donation. Locks of Love is a wonderful organization that uses donated hair to provide hair prosthetics to children in need suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. To gift your hair is to give the kids a sense of normalcy and self confidence back. I highly recommend supporting this cause. For more information about the organization and how to donate visit their website:

Cutting my hair off also gives me a sense of rediscovery. It is as if I derive a lot of my femininity from my hair. I was rather attached to my long curly locks. To take away that security and imagine myself in the situation of a condition that causes hair loss – to put myself in their shoes is to find new ways to cut off traces of vanity and restore inner essence.



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